Monday, December 28, 2015

Diablo 3 - quality of life suggestions

Item Modifier Ranking

Actually, this one is something I'd like to see all games (if applicable) adapt.  We're always fighting for space in the UI and trying to deliver a depth of information and simplicity.  Now.. the loot pinata that Diablo is.. I'd like to see a way to determine how good each roll is without remembering or referencing the item at the mystic or online.. D-C-B-A-S-P ( P for perfect ) and then we could just see the grades when an item drops and, of course, active only for level 70 (or max level whatever that may be) items


Kind of at the point where I'd rather just get back mats or set/unique items only.  Having to free space to gamble when magic/rare items are never going to be good is a bit annoying. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Diablo 3 - 2.3 and 2.4 - the beginning of greatness?

Forgot about this blog! But this is a good time to start since D3 was the reason why I started it to begin with, and now is an exciting time.

With a little less than a month until 2.4.0, I'd just like to put a few thoughts here.

What's great?


To those complaining about the number scaling.. you really have to take a step back and see what is actually happening.  That team is committed to scaling the base skills with gear to control the multiplicative nature of the beast and introducing the Legacy of Nightmares set to bring skills up to par (kinda) based on damage alone.

I think it's slightly misguided to keep trying to control the top end meta but I think it's also a really good way of finding what is actually fun for players. And.. in the future, I can see them adding the scaling in by default and focusing on augmenting the skills which is far more intersting.

Kanai's cube

First. RIP.

Second, I like that we've gotten a way to extend the number of "skills" we have with the cube and legendary gems.. at this point I'm definitely feeling like we should remove the accessory socket requirement and put legendary gems just as additional powers.  The game is probably in the right spot right now to do that since we're re-establishing baseline defense and offense and we can mitigate the 3 additional stat slots.

What's the same?


Channeling should probably just be removed at this point.  I don't think the dev team knows how to make this mechanic interesting and even though they're making the numbers better.. i'm not sure that standing somewhere and holding down a button should be good except in specific circumstances.

What could we do about it?  I'd like to see a completely new approach to channeling (although no idea if it's technically feasible). So stuff like, buff/debuff ground pools that widen as you cast, regeneration/resource regeneration, access to different skills while channeling (archon)

Just as an example.. say mirror image, could be a "channeled" ability where you get to summon 3 clones based on the direction you're facing, you get a new set of "skills" where 1 is cancel, 2-5 will swap the real you to the corresponding position, all copies (including you) are gimpy and do 10% damage and cast random stuff but most importantly.. they dont move

Definitely excited to see the final patch notes for 2.4.0!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diablo 3 - breakdown - overpowered

There seem to be a few warring philosophies to the current conversation around d3. One side seems to think that exploits and mechanics should just be left alone, that broken overpoweredness is what it's all about, and the other side of the coin is the people more interested in balance.

 Now, I'll start by saying I'm on the side of balance. But there's a reason why we all should be very interested in basic mechanics that are balanced.

The heart of d3 is the skills system. When I first read about how skills will scale in d3, I immediately knew this would be the loot pinata dungeon crawler of all time. This game is essentially an orgasm of math and scalability. The devs basically said.. 'screw it, we're going to throw away anything that corresponds to "sense" and make this game capable of scaling up and down based simpler math'.  What does this mean for us?

Each skill can be balanced.  Note that I said.. can be.. some skills are clearly superior to others based on factors outside of the numbers on skills.  For instance, the demon hunters grenades are ridiculously hard to use solo.. and practically useless against fast enemies because of the casting animation and the time it takes to actually explode (at least in the current meta)  The problem with skills like this is that there's probably a very specific build or group composition that can take advantage of the skill, but you need either or to make it worth taking. That's something of a problem but it also gives people a reason to group or swap whole skill sets..

For the sake of fun.. we want to tune all the available skills so that they are worth taking and at the same time.. are soft counters for elite/champ affixes so that we can gear to. Why do we want to do this? For the simple fact that although nephalem valor is completely OP, sometimes that calling for progression is too insistent to quit and restart the run.

Diablo 3 - breakdown of awesomeness

After being on the very poisonous main diablo 3 forums for some time and browsing through people's opinions, I decided to write a bit about the good things (amazing things really) about the game, its potential and its relationship with issues games are having, in general, in the 21st century. Not quite sure how many parts this series will be.. but here goes nothing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Man oh man.. when did we become so stuck up about genre labels for games?  I've been hearing/reading more "thats not an x, its more like a y because z is what a x should be like."  Give it a break people, genre descriptions are an indicator of what the game is like, not a 100% description of the elements and gameplay involved.  I'd rather we use the "z"-clone but with ''xy" formula to describe games at this point.  It's probably the more common method of introducing games to your friends anyways.

And an RPG.. a role-playing game?  When in the world did that term become so limiting to people?  Role playing is strictly that.. being/playing someone else.  If it just so happens that a game is doing the traditional level based character progression.. or one is a sandbox and another isn't.. that's all good.

Let's establish some more descriptors to the genre tag so that we can keep people from saying things like "that's not an mmorpg, that's not like WoW".  It hurts my brain.