Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Pathway - review-ish

Some quick thoughts about Pathway by Robotality.

I'm all about these types of games: renowned explorers:international society, faster than light, the curious expedition, slay the spire etc. The format is solid and we know what to expect as soon as we see the interface.

Pathway is fascinating because the progression is so linear.  Other games (that I've played) of this type usually rely on some kind of combo building to make it interesting.  Pathway doesn't really have that at all.  It's very similar to renowned explorers but lacks the bosses and semi-static events (maybe i just havent played enough) for high-score runs and team customization.

For me, the play has basically come down to find party members, find fuel/ammo and then outwit the AI during combat because the behaviors are very consistent.  It's almost like playing gloomhaven. Plenty of potential here, but I feel like it falls flat on the rogue-like stuff.  Things that I would like solved.
  • Static inventory makes it too "easy" and allows the player to play the same every time
  • More use for AoE.  Maps are too small to consistently bunch enemies up.
  • Somewhat consistent events to boost different stats so that I'm ecouraged to play differently
  • Stores that matter for something besides fuel/ammo. All the good loot falls off of quest completion. (or just dont let me keep items between games)
  • More enemies and mixed enemies (why not combine nazis/undead?) so that I have to think differently
  • Allow knife throw/pickup
  • Multi-point movement to avoid those pesky overwatch snipers.
  • Dogs/cultists are just armor/health taxes.  I think I'd just appreciate it if the event made me lose health/armor before the round starts. It's just frustrating.
But as general input, it feels like a bean counting game with 3 metrics (fuel, health, ammo) and when either category is flush (4 extra pairs of armor in inventory, 4 large boxes of ammo at the store, max fuel from consecutive stores, amazing sniper rifle etc), it definitely starts to feel like a chore.